Wound Care Formulas

Wound Care Formulas

Commonly Requested Wound Care Formulas

For Hemostasis

  • Monsel’s Gel (Ferric Subsulfate)

Treatment of Wounds Without Infection

  • Phenytoin 5%/Misoprostol 0.0024% Topical Gel
  • Ketoprofen 2%/Lidocaine 2%/Misoprostol 0.0024%/Phenytoin 2%/Aloe Vera 0.2% Topical Cream

Treatment of Infected Wounds

  • Misoprostol 0.0024%/Phenytoin 5%/Metronidazole 2% Topical Gel
  • Misoprostol 0.0024%/Phenytoin 5%/Gentamicin 0.2% Topical Gel
  • Gentamicin in 0.9% NS 80 mg to 160 mg/1000 mL Irrigation Solution

Treatment of Woulds with Pain

  • Morphine Sulfate 1mg/mL Topical Gel

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