The unique factors.

Since we are a compounding pharmacy, we can customize your prescription specifically to you.

doctor pharmacist and patient working with special features

Custom Preparation

Once we receive your prescription, we work with your physician and yourself to make sure your medication will work for you.


Effective Treatment

Your prescription will be special for you. If we need to raise or lower the dose for it to be effective, we will work with your doctor.


Simple Usage

We make our prescriptions very easy to use. It will come with instructions on how to take, and if you have questions you can ask our pharmacists or technicians.


Efficient Productivity

Your prescription will be ready in 48 hours, in accordance with business days.


Sterile Compounding

Most pharmacies do not cater to sterile compounding, but we do. We have a state-of-the-art walk in sterile laboratory to prepare some prescriptions.


And more...

One of the many advantages of using a compounding pharmacy is the uniqueness they offer for your medications. Bayview is no different.

Our Process


Receive Your Prescription

We get your script from your doctor and contact you to make sure all the information is correct.

Fulfill It

Our technicians and pharmacists make your medication, specially for you.

Ship or Pick Up

We can ship to you, or come in and pick up.
patient working with pharmacy to find their specialties

Feel better with Bayview

Please allow 48 hours to prepare your pescription, not including shipping times or pick up.