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We have trained pharmacists, professional certifications, and facilities to help you achieve a successful trial outcome.

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We provide clinical trials/investigations.

We provide them for Medical Schools, Veterinary Schools, Universities, Hospitals, and Research Institutions.

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Here are our drug studies services:

  • Free quotes for all studies
  • Free study design
  • Billing: 30 day terms
  • Free shipping via UPS
  • Blinding or open labeling of study drug
  • Randomization of enrolled subjects
  • Unit dose packaging is available to ensure participant compliance
  • Orders are completed within 7-14 days upon receipt of purchase order
  • Specializing in sterile <USP 797> and non-sterile <USP 795> compounding
  • Investigational New Drug Application support documentation and consultation
  • Unused study medication may be returned for destruction and documentation at no additional cost

Bayview Pharmacy has access to hundreds of FDA approved chemicals/medications from multiple suppliers in their purest form.

Simple fill out the form and Ryan Dyer, R.Ph, Clinical Trials pharmacist at (401) 284-4505 will contact you directly.

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Administration Methods:

Oral: Capsules, liquids, pastes and powders
Injection: Solutions or suspensions (aqueous or oil based) in vials or single-dose syringes
Nasal: Sprays, solutions, drops, ointments, irrigation
Opthalmic: Solutions, suspensions, ointments, injectables
Urethral: Gels
Otic: Powders, otic solutions
Rectal: Suppositories, gels, enemas
Topical/Transdermal: Solutions, creams, ointments or gels

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Quality Controls:

Instructions: Ingredient details: including weight, manufacturer, lot number and chemical expiration dates
Calibration: Records for equipment
Certificate of Analysis: For each chemical used
Expiration Dates: Validated according to USP <795> or <797> guidelines
Process Validation: Aseptic fill, sterilization, depyrogenation and batch compounding
Testing: Sterility, endotoxin and potency

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Records and Documentation:

Master formula and lot-specific-records including:

  • Product name or number
  • Study identification name or number
  • Dosage strength
  • Dosage form
  • Ingredient names and quantities


  • Original Study Specifications
  • Master Formula Record
  • Compounding Record
  • Quality Control Sheets
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
  • Calibration of equipment
  • Randomization Record
  • Specific Standard Operation Procedures
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