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Refilling By Website

Ryan Dyer
November 26, 2019

Refilling your prescription by using our website is very simple. If you have already filled a prescription here at Bayview Pharmacy, you can proceed. If this is your first time filling your prescription with us, either visit the “Transfer” page to transfer your prescription to us, or “Contact Us” to start the simple process.

Once you have a prescription you want to refill, start by pressing the Refill button either in the Navigation bar, or the footer menu at the bottom of every page.

After clicking the “Refill” tab, you will be taken to the refill page. Simply fill out your information in the form provided, and click the “Submit” button on the bottom for your refill request to be sent to the pharmacy.

We will then review your request, and contact you if we need additional information, or with details on your refill to ensure everything is correct. Once we have verified everything is correct, we will fulfill your refill request, and either ship your prescription to your via mail, or you can come in and pick it up at the pharmacy.

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